Parties for Little Ones

Making special memories is our speciality here at Kate Park Events! 

My fondest memories as little Kate involve childhood birthday parties – maybe I was always destined to be a Party Planner!  I’m not always sure that they are my memories though, but the fond memories of my parents, sisters, relatives and friends or the periodic perusal of the Photo Drawer that made them come alive, even if my 3 year old memory didn’t lock them in. 

Bouncy castles in the rain, dresses with ribbons and full skirts that were perfect for twirling around in, all our favourite food, people & music all brought together in a few glorious hours to make me feel like the most loved person in the world.  Parties are magical and powerful…and sometimes memorable for all the wrong reasons!

In my late teens I agreed to help at my nephew’s 5th Birthday Party, calling out to the party goers in the garden that I had chocolate ice cream for them, I didn’t expect the stampede that ensued, and if I’d realised, I certainly wouldn’t have worn a white top! My sister thought it was hilarious and has never forgotten it…  but I’d like to think I’ve come a long way after 20 years in the Event’s Business and can make sure both the Little Ones and the Big Ones have a fantastic time – arriving with a gasp and leaving after having a blast!

Here at Kate Park Events we’ve had such fun putting together Birthday Parties for special Little People, some with very strong voices on what their favourite things are…Peppa Pig, Moana, Frozen, the colour Pink…and as they also believe in magic and that their parents are superheroes and can do anything…we can be the Robin to your Batman and help save the day and bring their dreams to life. 

Tailoring the party to your son or daughter’s dreams, pulling together the best acts and suppliers together and running the day with as much energy as a 3 year old on Smarties, you can rely on Kate Park Events to deliver.   (BTW I know the best Elsa too). 

I can help your older family and friends enjoy the day too.  If you’d like, I can guarantee that the parents won’t want to drop and run but stay and play too, with parallel activities that they’d love or perhaps just a comfy sofa with their own refreshments to watch their children in comfort.  It’s a great way to say thank you to all those in your support network for their help over the years. 

With two boys of my own, I know how important a good party is and how much it means to them when you pull something wonderful off.  To see their little faces when you put them to bed exhausted but with a smile on their lips gives such a warm fuzzy feeling.  They grow up so quickly and I’m under no illusion that they’ll soon be off celebrating their Birthdays with teenage friends, so whilst they still think I’m a superhero I’ll be making the most of arranging their Birthday Parties where I’m part of the memory too.

Has your Little One got a party coming up?  Let Kate Park Events help you bring their dreams to life and make sure your overriding memories are joyful and not stressful.  And my first piece of advice?  Don’t wear white. 😉  Kx

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